At CORCON we take safety very seriously.  Our skilled staff are trained on the latest health and safety regulations to ensure safety is always at the forefront of any project. 

Health and Safety​

Exterior waterproofing ensures moisture does not penetrate the concrete surface causing cracking, leaking and further deterioration which leads to future complications.  At Corcon, we can remediate foundation leaks or ensure waterproofing is proactively completed to avoid future problems.

We specialize in the following waterproofing:

  • Suspended garage slabs

  • Foundation walls

  • Balcony slabs

  • Concrete slabs

  • Masonry sealers

We complete these projects through many methods

that are customized to any task or budget.

  • Polyurethane injections

  • Crystalline coatings

  • Epoxy membranes

  • Elastomeric membranes

  • Hot applied membrane

  •  Mastic membrane 

  • Thin system membrane


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