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Corcon Construction Limited has sustained its business success providing innovative concrete  restoration solutions to complex structure projects across the GTA through the strength and expertise of our team.


Innovation is the specific instrument of restoration.


Hands on Engineering

Our commitment to restoration and keeping our projects safe.

At CORCON we take safety very seriously.  Our skilled staff are trained on the latest health and safety regulations to ensure safety is always at the forefront of any project. 

Health and Safety​

Logicality, reliability, flexibility and problem-solving are some of the firms greatest strengths.

Corcon Construction Limited has provided the skill and experience for construction management and  concrete restoration projects. Our experience includes commercial improvements, restoring existing occupied facilities and new building construction.  CORCON, provides peace of mind for our clients throughout the construction process. Understanding our clients’ needs is the foundation of a successful project and a key component of CORCON’s core values and principals.